Why I Love My Husband (99 of ∞)

Yesterday I lost my one carat solitaire diamond gold ring. I couldn’t recall where, when, and how I lost it. It was just not there… It was not in my finger when I wanted to take it off and store it in my jewelry box as usual before I went to bed… I was very upset… not solely because of how much money it worth, but mainly because of the memory. My China husband gave it to me when he moved from Africa to start a new life with me in Indonesia. The diamond was mined near to where he lived in Africa, and at that time he wasn’t that rich to afford a gold ring. So the diamond gold ring he gave me really represents how much he loved me.

the one carat solitaire diamond ring from my husband

So last night, after 2 years and 11 months in my possession, the ring was lost. And this morning I decided to tell him, right after he woke up.

Me: I have to admit something.

Him: What?

Me: …

Him: No lemon water? (he usually drinks lemon water every morning immediately after he wake up)

Me: Worse. Much worse.

Him: Breakfast not ready yet?

Me: No. It’s ready.

Him: (Are you on your) period?

Me: Ah, no. This is finance-related.

Him: You made wrong calculation? (I helped my husband taking care of his company’s financial report)

Me: No.

Him: You lost money?

Me: Almost right.

Him: So?

Me: I lost the ring.

Him: Which ring?

Me: … (tears started running on my cheeks)

Him: The one carat?

Me: Yes.

Him: (after a few seconds) Ah, that’s OK. You are more important than the ring.

Me: Really?

Him: Of course.

Me: Thank you.

Him: (another few seconds in silence) Let’s work hard, so that we can buy another one carat for you.

Me: Ok.

Jakarta, 1 December 2016

Why I Love My Husband (88 of ∞) – The 2016 Birthday Saga

A month before his birthday


Him: “Where are my socks? I remember I have a lot… I brought them from China… why are they now missing…”

Me: “You wear socks EVERYDAY so you might just lack of socks. Ah, now I know what to give you for your birthday! I’ll buy you socks, OK?”

Him: “Ah, no need. Better I buy in China. Better quality, lower price”

Me: “You ALWAYS say that. You give me no chance to buy you something!”

Him: “No need. Better save money lah. Buy in China…”

Me: “I will just cook you the longevity noodles then…”


A week before his birthday


Me: “When is your next business trip?”

Him: “Twenty”

Me: “What twenty?”

Him: “Twenty November”


Him: “Yes, until twenty five.”


Him: “Yes, until twenty five. Only one week… shorter than usual.”


Him: “Yes. Twenty. What happens with twenty?”


Him: “Ah, my birthday!”

Me: “YES!”

Him: “Then we celebrate on the nineteen lah…”

Me: “…..”


18 November 2016, two days before his birthday


Him: “Hey, you know what? My mama told me that tomorrow is my birthday.”

Me: “What? I can’t be wrong… your birthday is on the twentieth. It is written in your passport.”

Him: “Yes, but tomorrow’s birthday is based on lunar calendar. You know, Chinese calendar.”

Me: “I know… The one that keep on changing every year… How can I suppose to know it…”

Him: “OK. Then we celebrate on the twentieth lah…”

Me: “Yeah, you will be on business trip to China by then…”


20 November 2016

Saying good-bye to him at 4 AM as he was leaving for business trip


Me: “Happy birthday!”

Him: “Ah, finally you say ‘happy birthday’! Yesterday you didn’t say it.”

Me: “I only acknowledge Gregorian calendar.”

Why I Love My Husband (80 of ∞)

24 September 2016, in a car queuing for immigration inspection at Shenzhen-Hong Kong border


Him: “Hey… mama John… happy birthday, eh…”

Me: [can’t help smiling] “Wow, you remember! I thought you forgot!”

Him: “Ah, I forgot! I just remember it now, when I was completing the immigration departure card for you… your birth date is written in your passport”

Me: “…..”


Why I Love My Husband (77 of ∞)

Morning chat with husband, after he came back from his business trip:

Me: “What is your vision for your business? I mean, like, where do you see your business in five years?”

Him: “Ah, five YEARS??! We will be the best company in terms of […something technical…] in the next three MONTHS! [continue with informing me how well the competitor is doing and what is his strategy to exceed its performance in 3 months, and telling me his plan for the company for a longer term]

Me: “OK, I will pray for you…” [I couldn’t comprehend his explanation so what I could only say is this…]

Why I Love My Husband (76 of ∞)

Me: “Yesterday C***, R****, and N*** visited me. They also wanted to see our JJ. I think it is good to do this more often. I mean, to invite friends to our apartment. I can bake a cake for them.”

Him: “Yes, but before that, we’d better buy chairs first.”

*we do have sofa*

*because sofa is not chair*

*because sitting on a floor like Indonesian is uncivilized*